1- During the rise and fall of Rome, significant cultural


1- During the rise and fall of Rome, significant cultural contributions would emerge from this empire. In a well constructed paragraph, discuss two of the contributions and why they were important 

2- During the readings, the rise of the biblical tradition and islam emerged. These two beliefs would lead to major cultural changes. Compare and contrast in two well- constructed paragraphs how the beliefs introduced similar societal and cultural beliefs.

3- In chapter 1, the Mesopotamians and Egyptians were introduced. In both civilizations, cultural advancements were introduced and incorporated to everyday life. In a well- constructed paragraph compare and contrast the religious beliefs of both cultures and how these religious beliefs were incorporate into their art and architecture of the time. 

4- The readings for this week would describe a time of vast changes to society and culture.  From the rise of the High Middle Ages to the lows of the Fourteenth Century, discuss how you believe these changes impacted society and would these changes be positive or negative to the people of the time.  (1 well constructed paragraph)

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