1,000 splendid suns

Description All novels and short stories include passages describing food or drink. They do this because food appeals to the five senses. In 1,000 Splendid Suns Nana receives,”… chicken, kichiri rice, brown eggs…dishlemeh candy and quinces.” Miriam makes her husband lentils, boiled potatoes, carrots and homemade bread. Prompt: Write a first personal narrative about a memory associated with food. You will incorporate as many senses (smell, taste, touch, sound, sight) as possible in your piece. In order to compose a true story, include who, what, when, where and why. Brainstorm food-related memories and choose the one most significant to you. Be sure to think of three possibilities before choosing your final topic. This way you will avoid cliche narratives. Cliche= overused, for example writing about your Grandma’s cookies at the holidays is cliche. Key Details: 600-700 words 1st person ONE specific memory SENIOR IN HIGHSCHOOL

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