Analyse the utility of Constructivism in explaining Military change.

1. Defence budgets comprise a significant proportion of national wealth, while decision-making in defence has profound implications for the lives of citizens in the country concerned, as well as people at the receiving end of military operations. Military power also forms a central dimension of states’ power and influence in the international system. However, the […]

Dietetic Practice in Long Term Conditions- Dietetic Care Plan

Assessment Task: Coursework – A 3000 word written assignment to develop and fully justify a dietetic care plan for a service user who is obese.   This involves critical application of the Dietetic Care process and includes: assessment and interpretation of information, calculating nutritional requirements, developing a care plan with stepped goals, setting a monitoring […]

Psychological/Emotional Influencers in advertising

1. Introduction 2. statement of the problem: The potential benfetes of using emotional advertising methodes in marketing products. 3. purpose of the study: discovering new elements to emotional advertising 4. gaps in research 5. research questions 6. hypothesis development 7. research methodology: Case studies, Advances in advertising research (Vol.2) 8. reasearch model 9. instrument development […]

Risk Management and Disaster Recovery

In this Performance Task Assessment, you will analyze a case study in order to demonstrate your ability to assess information systems security, legal, and ethical risks and develop plans for mitigating information systems risks. You are strongly encouraged to use the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist when completing this Assessment. Professional Skill: Written Communication, Critical Thinking […]

Ricardian Model:

1:         (10 points) Consider the 2×2 Ricardian Model.  Let the following hold:   MANUFACTURE PRODUCTIVITY (output per worker) AGRICULTURE PRODUCTIVITY (output per worker) LABOUR ENDOWMENT HOME 20 10 100 FOREIGN 15 5 100 a)      Draw the PPF for each country.  Note:  the data above is in terms of output per worker rather than input requirements.  […]

Discuss the pattern of absolute advantages across the two countries.

2:         (10 points) Now consider the following (I increase foreign productivity in manu):   MANUFACTURE PRODUCTIVITY (output per worker) AGRICULTURE PRODUCTIVITY (output per worker) LABOUR ENDOWMENT HOME 20 10 100 FOREIGN 25 5 100 a)      Show how Foreign’s PPF has changed. b)     Identify each country’s opportunity costs in each sector. Interpret. c)      Who has the […]

BIO2003/BIO2005/BMS2007 Summative Assignment 2 (SA2)

The use of LDH as a warning sign   Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is an intracellular enzyme. It oxidizes lactate in the presence of NAD+ (oxidised form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) or reduces pyruvate in the presence of NADH (reduced form of NAD). It is used clinically to determine cell damage in a number of organs […]

Cast Iron vs Steel Frame: What’s the Difference

Prepare a 5-10 minute PowerPoint or Prezi presentation dealing with the topic you have signed up for. The content of the PowerPoint must be your original work. Your presentation is meant to be engaging and informative. Do not pack your slides with text that you read to the class. Image captions should include: artist, title, […]

International Joint Ventures: The implications of the type of joint

International Joint Venture module Assingment. The assignment is based on In Module exercise.Where we can either collaborate with either one of the European based companies on the basis of most suitable offer The Question details is as follow Select one of the European Companies (EM or HC) featured in the module Collaboration Exercise. From the […]

An Epistolary on Racial Progress

For this assignment, write a brief letter to a younger relative in the style of Baldwin and Coates’ letters to their relatives. Your letter should address and answer the questions: Are things better now than they have been before? How should a young person reckon America’s ideals and America’s reality? •James Baldwin. “My Dungeon Shook: […]