A brief overview of the current issues facing the countries.

Prepare a formal research paper regarding the selected policy. The assignment must be between 5-8 pages excluding quotations, cover page, and Works Cited page(s).

The essay should address the following:

• An introduction and brief overview of the current issues facing the countries.

• The reasons for initiating changes to existing policy.

• The possible policy options or alternatives to be considered (discuss several).

• The pros and cons of each policy option or alternative (costs vs. benefits).

• The best policy option or alternative (pick one).

• A summary and conclusion Do not use first person in the proposal or final policy paper!

The paper body must be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 full pages in length, double-spaced. No more and no less is necessary for this activity. Keep direct quotes to a minimum; do not use block quotations. All key arguments, facts, assertions, and claims must be supported with research. The references approved in the policy proposal must be used in the policy paper: you may add additional sources (and should if you seek an A on the assignment), but you must seek approval from the instructor at least 72 hours before the policy paper due date if you intend to change any of the scholarly sources approved in the propo

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