APA 7 pages ONLY 2 SOURCES GOALS Identify one immediate/short


7 pages ONLY 


GOALS Identify one immediate/short term outcome goal and one long term outcome goal for intervention in the topic: Homelessness county level

Discuss goal choices and how they were determined

Provide evidence and theoretical support for choice by applying one community development or planning concept/strategy and one other relevant theory or perspective such as: crisis theory, empowerment perspective, and person-in-environment perspective to support your response.

PROCESS GOALS Using one of the outcome goal from step 2, Identify, describe, and discuss three process goals (an action, step, or process that needs to take place in order to achieve an outcome). 

For each process goal, describe a different activity that represents a different one of the three areas listed. 1: engage community members 2. collaborate with community groups 3. policy or advocacy activity

EVAL Part I: Description & Indicator a) describe how you would evaluate the effectiveness of one of your process or outcome goals b) identify an indicator of effectiveness (what you will evaluate to show effectiveness) Part II: Measurement c) explain how and from whom you will collect information for your evaluation d) develop one quantitative and one qualitative measurement instrument with at least 3 questions for each measurement instrument, for a total of 6 questions. These must be original instruments developed by you. 

Apply two theoretical approaches to your evaluation: a) one social/behavioral approach; such as: systems theory (identifying barriers or supports to achieving outcomes), strengths perspective (strengths in the community, organizations, government, etc. that could help remove barriers or provide resources), or person-in environment perspective b) one community practice approach; such as: social capital, social network, etc. and topics from the community development, planning, and organizing approaches 

Step 5: Applying Findings: ● Describe how evaluation findings can improve practice effectiveness at each of these three practice levels: a) micro (individual & family) b) mezzo (group) c) macro (community or societal)

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