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Scenario: You are the office manager at a local IT firm that has a small building near the downtown area. The company now has more clients than ever, but they’re starting to complain about your parking situation when they visit the building. For years everyone at your company has been able to use the building’s parking lot, but the lot is no longer big enough for your employees if several clients visit at once, which happens several times a week. You’re afraid it might start hurting your business if all the parking is taken by employees and clients are forced to park on the street or in a garage/ramp. Your task: Write a bad news message to your employees in which you inform the staff of new rules for parking. There will be a set number of reserved spaces for clients and the others will be available every morning on a first-come first-served basis. Remind employees that there is street and garage/ramp parking available and encourage them to consider public transportation or carpooling options. Be sure to use the indirect approach (see PPT in the Files section – “bad news message” folder) Refer to the Bad News Message rubric (also in the Files section – “bad news message” folder) Remember to consider how the audience of the message may react Feel free to make up any details Collaboration with other students is not permitted for this assignment All assignments will be scanned using Turnitin

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