Biopsychosocial Assessment

This assignment is designed to assess your ability to meet the following course objectives: Critically analyze the interplay between biophysical, psychological, social, economic, spiritual and cultural forces in human development; the risks and resilience of each stage of life; major theories of human development. Critically evaluate the impact that human diversity, social problems, and environmental factors have on individuals and their behavior. Practice the strengths perspective in addressing human behavior and social problems. Integrate and apply acquired skills in interviewing and utilizing social work assessment tools including but not limited to the genogram, culturagram, ecomap, spiritual timeline, to write a professional biopsychosocial-spiritual-cultural assessment. Instructions The purpose of this assignment is to practice conducting and writing a biopsychosocial assessment. This is an essential social work skill. Please give this assignment ample time, energy and effort. You will select an individual (friend, family member, acquaintance) to interview face-to-face to complete an individual assessment that will incorporate your knowledge of developmental schema, tasks and milestones. You will also assess the individual’s psychosocial, emotional, behavioral and social functioning; culture and spirituality.

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