Blog: Haynes, Religion in Public Schools Haynes, C. (1999) A

Blog: Haynes, Religion in Public Schools

Haynes, C. (1999) A Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools. First Amendment Center.

At the beginning of your blog, identify which of the three Rethinking chapters you will report on. Then report about each one and the major nugget you took away and why. Also watch the It’s Elementary link and incorporate what you’ve garnered that is related to what you have read as well.  About three paragraphs. 

Assigned Readings from Rethinking Schools: Playing with Gender: Lessons from and Early Childhood Center, p. 36;  What Do We Say When we Hear ‘Faggot’, p. 95; What Can Teachers Do about Sexual Harassment, p. 118; Flirting vs. Sexual Harassment: Teaching the Difference, p. 121 AND It’s Elementary–Watch Link (only need to see part 2, but it will move on to part 3, part 4…). 

You will report on each one of these by (1) citing the title, (2) brief summary of article – one sentence, (3) three major points, supported by evidence for p. 36, 95, 118, 121, and then the It’s Elementary link. Include your impressions as well. Thank you! 

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