Business Accounting; Business Analysis and Principles of Marketing

The three tasks shown below constitute 90% of the overall mark. 10% of the overall marks for the assignment must be given to ‘Structure and Format’. You have been asked to prepare reports and make presentations to explain the role of accounting, related business analysis techniques and the implications for marketing to the managers of other departments. In writing your report, you should make use of the financial data/ statements available for your organisation and address the issues in each of the three Tasks outlined below.

Task 1

For a selected organisation, identify primary and secondary sources of data concerning costing, pricing and investment decision- making techniques. Use business presentation tools to construct a presentation to communicate your data, results and conclusions to an appropriate audience

 Choose and plan appropriate survey methods, sampling techniques and questionnaires and collect and collate data  Explain how appropriate accounting techniques support effective decision-making, including pricing and investment decisions. In so doing, you should explain budgets, calculation of unit costs, selected investment appraisal techniques and identify the sources of finance available to a business.

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