Create a poster with images and text for the activation

Create a poster with images and text for the activation you conceptualize. Write a pitch that describes your marketing strategy, and find images representing the theme of the idea. Try to find images that depict the look and feel of the activation you are pitching, and if you can’t find any, try making your own. Describe the technology that will be used and be sure to specify how you will measure the success of the activation (ie. ticket scans, ad impressions, website views, emails gathered, social shares, the number of mobile phones that scan a code, or even connections to RFID beacons). Summarize your ideas and make it look super compelling and visual to impress your client.

Need help or inspiration? Try looking in the Gallery to see what other students have submitted! What ideas do you like? Which ones do you dislike and why? Think about how you might add to or improve another idea you see.

If you are unable to fit your ideas into a single page poster you can upload multiple images to your pitch (but only single page pitches will be shared in the Gallery for the group to see).

Here’s how we will evaluate your assignment’s quality:

  • Describe the activation’s “elevator pitch” in a paragraph or so.
  • Describe how you will connect with fans and what the goal of your activation is in a paragraph or so.
  • Describe how success will be measured.
  • Activation plan has a clear title, and annotations are used to note key information or enhance the visual images.
  • The concept and theme are obvious, and the design is relatable to the concept.
  • The layout is presented neatly and thoughtfully.
  • The plan is annotated and presented in an organized and easy to understand manner.

Make your poster as visually appealing and interesting as possible. Here’s how to create a poster in Google Slides and export it as a PNG file:

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