Criminal Justice: Computer Crimes

The topic and list of 5 academic journals must be in writing. It should contain your subject matter and how you are going to go about researching your topic. Once approved the topic CANNOT be changed. The paper will be 5 to 7 pages (1500- 2000 words) in length using correct APA (American Psychological Association) citation and referencing format with a minimum of 5 academic journal sources exclusive of textbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias (this includes electronic encyclopedias such as Wikipedia, which is not an academic source). This is a formal paper and should be written in 3rd person in Standard English. Your thesis is to be stated and connected to your conclusion, and a complete bibliography is to be furnished at the conclusion of the document. The paper must be typed using Times New Roman, size 12 font and double spaced.

A title page, an abstract page and a bibliography page must be included. These do not count towards the 5 to 7 page requirement. Page numbers must appear at the bottom of the page except for the title page. Grammar, including spelling and punctuation, general clarity, and organization, PLUS a clear thesis and connection to the conclusion is what your paper will be graded on. Additionally, each student is strongly encouraged to refrain from using lengthy quotes in papers.

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