Criminal Justice: Policing

 Over the course of the section on policing, we have read Policing Students and Legitimate and Illegitimate Uses of Police Force. You will create an annotated bibliography with these two sources. For each source named above you will provide a reference, followed by a summary of the source. Each summary should be about 150 words and must address the following questions: What are the researchers studying? Why are the researchers studying this topic? What is the purpose? Who is the audience? What methods are utilized to complete the study? Are the researchers using human subjects, questionnaires, interviews, reviewing the existing literature, etc.? What are the results of the research? What conclusions were reached? What are the implications of the research? How the research be used in the Criminal Justice field? The above questions must be included within your summary and must be in your own words. You are not allowed to use any quotations in this assignment, all writing must be paraphrased. Remember that as this is an annotated bibliography you do not need to include citations. Your annotated bibliography should be typed (double spacing, size 12 Times New Roman font, and 1 inch margins). APA formatting guidelines must be followed and a cover page must be provided. For help regarding annotated bibliographies in APA format, check out the sources posted on the course website or the Owl at Purdue website. Failure to follow any of the paper requirements will result in a significant loss of points. Policing Students Article: Legitimate and Illegitimate Uses of Police Force Article:

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