Discuss the psychophysiological relationships between the disease and

Cover the following topics in the paper:

1. Begin with an introduction of the disease – describe the disease, prevalence, what is its impact on the specific population, compare this on how the disease affects the general population. (About a paragraph or two, do not extend beyond two paragraphs for this section).

2. Discuss the psychophysiological relationships between the disease and stress management techniques (at least 2 paragraphs, not counting the introduction and conclusion). o What are the physical/genetic and psychological vulnerabilities of the population that has led to this disproportionate impact on this population? o How does the mechanism of stress management affect the biology of the disease? Be specific, e.g., the hormones, biological mechanisms, neurotransmitters, etc.

3. Review AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF stress management programs documented in the literature for disease management that specifically address the population you have chosen. Provide empirical support (e.g., data/results) on the efficacy of the treatments on the identified disease (about 1-2 pages, not counting the introduction and conclusion). o In this section, discuss multiple cognitive behavioral stress management programs that have been empirically tested to manage the stress associated with the disease. Organize each strategy/program with a subtitle. Under each subsection, provide support for your discussion using data/results from the literature. This discussion must be linked directly to the disease. For example, discuss how the stress management program impacts the disease outcome. o Do not simply summarize one article per paragraph/section. Each paragraph should cover a theme/topic, as well as outcomes of the articles you’ve found. Unless it’s critical to our understanding, do not include # participants, methods, etc., of the studies you include. 4. Conclude with a summary of the existing literature (one paragraph).

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