Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville Analysis

Non-Profit Organization Analysis Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville The point of this assignment is to Research the non-profit organization (Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville) you will be working with. Look at newspapers, trade magazines, Industry analysts, social media, etc. You must have more than the non-profit’s own website as sources of information for this analysis. I expect you to conduct research to learn as much about your organization as possible from retrievable sources One way a nonprofit organization can be researched is from four perspectives: Strategy, Leadership, Financials, and Operations. This first report will focus on the things you can learn about the organization from published sources. This will provide you with the necessary background information to conduct effective interviews later. Please write an introduction, and then cover these four areas Strategy, Leadership, Financials, and operations, and close with a conclusion. Use APA format for the terms and concepts you reference in your analysis. Be sure to provide a reference for the concepts you discuss, such as the mission of your nonprofit organization, their history, and the scope of their work. Your textbooks and other valid academic sources should be cited in APA style. Your report should comment on the following four aspects of the organization: Strategy, Leadership, Financials, and Operations.

1. Strategy Learning about the organization’s strategy will tell you who (or what cause) the organization serves, what its goals are, and how it intends to accomplish those goals. A nonprofit’s mission may be broad and inspiring, but its strategy will tell you whether its leaders are actually willing to make tradeoffs by focusing on something achievable. You will also learn how the organization works with others—through partnerships or other collaborative efforts—to accomplish its broader goals. Your research into strategy will help you uncover a nonprofit’s program design, which will give you insight into how your philanthropic strategy fits in with its work. You will also learn about the results the organization is getting (its program effectiveness). And you will learn how focused the organization is on improving its results—or the extent to which the nonprofit is collecting data about its program, and whether it’s using this data to improve the program. What are the organization’s mission and strategy? • How has the organization defined the problem it is trying to solve? • Has the organization matched its goals to its approach to achieving them?

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