Enterprise Startup vs Growth

 1) Type: Individual 2) Cover page: No cover page 3) Body: 2-5 pages double space 12 points Arial or equivalent, 1-inch margins all around 4) Heading: The heading is one line that contains: Assignment title (“Individual Hw-1”), your name, due date (heading is part of the 1-inch margin) 5) Content: note that in some cases you are asked to define, in others to discuss, and in others to do both. a) Describe a startup venture b) Describe a growth venture c) Describe and discuss the difference between a startup venture and a growth venture 6) You MUST include at least 3 cites. Show your ability to do research and express your ideas. The citations are NOT part of the page limit! 7) This is an essay paper, not a Q&A nor a collection of bullet points.  express your ideas –impress me! This paper need do some research. DO NOT choose big companies. Please use small Enterprise. Use some data in essay will be better.

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