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 In this assignment, you will evaluate a program or facility in some institution you know well (for example, a school, business, community space, or recreation center) and that you believe works especially well or poorly. Imagine that you are writing for an administrator with the power to reward or shut down the operation. First, identify the categories by which you will analyze the institution. For instance, if you are evaluating a school gym for the school board, you could set up criteria such as space, equipment, and accessibility. Use headings to organize your paper according to your analytical criteria. Analyze the institution by applying each criterion, offering specific examples as evidence. You are not simply determining whether it is a good or bad program or facility; instead, you are developing an analysis of the situation to convince the administrator to act in a specific way. At the end of the essay, you must provide the administrator with a summary of the analysis and a recommendation to act upon. This assignment requires NO research or citations, which means you may not use secondary research for support (e.g. information found online). Instead, you should draw on your prior knowledge and first-hand observations for evidence in this essay. Attention to essay structure, use of evidence, and logical reasoning will be especially important in writing a convincing analysis and compelling recommendation.

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