Explain the impact that each of your configurations has on the

2.Establish the configuration for each device in which you:A.Research each of the devices you chose and provide a basic configuration you would use in your network. B.Use IP addresses to describe your configuration.

C.Explain the impact that each of your configurations has on the security of the entire network. D.Highlight at least five (5) security features for each device, including devices in network diagram.

3.Using Microsoft Visio or its open source alternative, create a final network diagram that incorporates all devices into the existing network and ensures the following:

A.VPN sessions (from laptop) are only allowed to access the desktops in the IT department by IT department employees. B.All VPN connections from the Internet cloud into the corporate network terminate at the VPN server. C.Users from Engineering and Finance and Accounting CANNOT communicate. D.Vulnerability scans occur daily in which all desktops are scanned at least once per day.

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