FIELD ASSIGNMENT: What does this discomfort tell you about your own


The goal of this assignment is to expand your cultural understanding by conducting a field assignment in an unfamiliar environment. Choose an environment (event, activity, function) that you would not normally visit or participate in that has a different ethnic, class, religious, gender, and/or sexual orientation from your own. Through this assignment you will be able to experience a new cultural knowledge and perspective on the chosen multicultural environment.

Assignment: For this assignment spend some time in a community that has a different ethnic, class, religious, gender, and/or sexual orientation from your own. Select a community that you would not normally have contact with. On your visit pay attention to your self-awareness of this community and the community’s awareness of you. Pay attention to what people are doing and how they are doing it, including what language or dialects they are using. Try to just observe, without judging. Also pay attention to how you are feeling. When you get home, answer these questions individually:


1. Was there anything that made you uncomfortable? What was it?

2. What does this discomfort tell you about your own socialization and worldview?

3. Were there things you saw or heard that you didn’t understand? If so, what questions do you have? How could you try to find the answers to these questions? 4. How are your perceptions similar to or different from those in this community? Base this setting local in NEW JERSEY, CLOSE TO MAYS LANDING. Possibly attend christian church, a close friend of yours. describe the setting of the church and talk about what is done and compare my up bringing as a sikh child indian kid.

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