Financial Management Report: Sky plc company

Recommended format: • Introduction: • Main body of the essay: – Company historical performance: – Dividend policy: – Forecasted revenue – Recommendations for next year dividend pay-out • Conclusion- • A Reference list • Appendices (Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.) where data (e.g. in tables) to which the report refers is ‘stored’. Recommended format: • Introduction: Introduction that describes the purpose of the report, explains why it is necessary and/or useful, and sets out its precise aims and objectives. • Company historical performance: A minimum of 3 years, identify key success factors both financial and nonfinancial factors. Here are some example of financial factors: revenue from operation, operating profit, declining/increasing debt, sales growth rate, cash flow from operation, relevant ratio analysis, trend analysis (revenue, sales etc.) etc. Example of non-financial factors: customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, staff turnover, skills workforce etc. This is just example of some financial and non-financial performance indicators. We expect that you do research and identify more relevant success factors. You should provide analysis of financial and non-financial success factors and discuss links (if any) of these factors to dividend pay-out. Note: Please note that it is not required to calculate ratios. You could use relevant ratios available in company annual reports and any other sources.

Recommended format: • Dividend policy: A critical discussion of company dividend policy. You are required to provide evidence including dividend policy theories, finance theory (if relevant to dividend policy), making reference to journal/articles etc. •Forecasted revenue A discussion of the company’s next financial year’s forecasted revenue. You will be required to demonstrate how you have arrived at this. You may use company and industry related news, analyst forecasts and opinions, government data (GDP growth, unemployment rate, inflation, interest rate etc.), economic outlook and any other information source. • Recommendations for next year dividend pay-out • Note: You could provide evidence (if it is relevant) to support any section (Heading/subheading) discussion by dividend policy theories, finance theory (if relevant to dividend policy), making reference to journal/articles etc. • Academic input? Dividend policy theories? Academic journal/ articles? Finance theories (if relevant)? • Reference list (APA style)? Sources: http://www.lib- • Watch word count. Only the main part of the report is included in the word count. •2000 words report (there is no 10% allowance).

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