GENERALIST PRACTICE 1 I need each question in this assignment


I need each question in this assignment answered in 200 words 

Lesson 3 Discussion: Minimum of 200 words.

Please review the document: Working with Involuntary and Mandated Clients. This provides some helpful considerations for engaging involuntary or mandated clients. There is also a brief review of Motivational Interviewing and an example role-play between a client and Case Manager.

Please consider the following in your discussion post:

· Please share your thoughts on how you can apply this information as a Social Worker.

· What did you learn about how to engage involuntary/mandated clients?

· What do you think are some of the benefits/challenges in working with voluntary vs involuntary clients?


The Social Work Skills:

Managing Clients Who Present with Anger:

Working with Involuntary and Mandated Clients  


Lesson 4 Discussion 1: Minimum of 200 words.

Please review the following link: (Links to an external site.)

Tanya is a 10-year-old Hispanic, female who was referred by her teacher to meet with the School Social Worker. Tanya’s teacher reported that Tanya often plays by herself at recess and lunch and always seems nervous around the other children in her classroom. Tanya is reserved and feels anxious about meeting with the Social Worker.

Using the readings and the above vignette, please identify 2-3 engagement/assessment techniques you could apply to your initial meeting with Tanya. Please consider any cultural considerations.


Lesson 4 Discussion 2: Minimum of 200 words.

Please view the video below: Introduction to Mental Health Assessment. Pay close attention to the techniques that the provider uses to help engage/assess the client and any techniques that seem to negatively impact the engagement.

(Vignette 4 – Introduction to a Mental Health Assessment. (2013, May 22). [Video]. YouTube.

After viewing the video, please answer the following questions with explanations:

· What engagement/assessment techniques does the provider use that could be helpful in engaging Shawn?

· Are there any techniques the provider used that you think could be unhelpful?

· What would you do differently as you engage/assess Shawn?

Consider that the client is 16 years old.


Models of Assessment:

The Methodology of Functional Assessment: (Links to an external site.)

Biopsychosocial Assessment Criteria: (Links to an external site.)

Assessment Sample: (Links to an external site.)

Social Worker’s Toolbox:


Lesson 3 Discussion: Minimum of 200 words.

What is the difference between race and ethnicity? How could these two sociological concepts factor into present-day issues for minorities? Do you think these present-day issues are indicative of systemic racism? 


Additional readings/videos regarding treatment and/or history of each group.

Native Americans

Italian Americans:

Jewish Americans :

African Americans:

CrashCourse. (2013, November 21). Civil Rights and the 1950s: Crash Course US History #39 [Video]. YouTube.

Hispanic Americans:

Asian Americans

SWK103- Social Work and Deviant Behavior 

Lesson 3A Discussion: Minimum of 200 words.

Application of Theory: Provide two examples to your classmates on how the Social Strain Theory explains deviant behavior.

Minimum of 200 words. 


(Theory & Deviance: Crash Course Sociology #19. (2017, July 24). [Video]. YouTube.

Lesson 3B Discussion: Minimum of 200 words.

Do you think the following college student behaviors are deviant? Why or why not?

If you think the behavior is deviant, how should a college respond formally? How should others (college students, employees) respond, informally, when they witness such behavior?

a. chewing tobacco and using a “spit cup” or spitting the tobacco on the ground.

b. walking across campus without a shirt (for males) or in a bikini top.

c. answering your cell phone while meeting with a professor.

d. texting during a lecture. 

Minimum of 200 words. 

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