Global Financial Markets

Chosen Companies Buy recommendation: Tokyo Electron (registered in Japan) Sell recommendation: Beth Bath and Beyond (registered in the US) Write TWO one-page equity research style reports: – a BUY recommendation – a SELL recommendation. They should be on your two chosen companies, preferably operating in different countries, basing your recommendation on the financial system of the relevant countries. You are not expected to build financial models, or to value the companies, as you can assume that they are fairly valued except for what you argue. The companies you choose must be listed in its country’s major stock exchange. Each report should use the template provided and follow the instructions on it. Your critical analysis of the financial system should drive your opinion about prospects for the firm’s industry, for the firm itself, and thus for its stock price. These, in turn, will drive your recommendation to buy or sell the stock. The order of paragraphs should flow in this order. The report should be relevant to the course, original, and clearly argued. Beware of plagiarism! Your analysis must be made in your own words. You are allowed to use external material as long as you make fair use of it (copying entire paragraphs is not acceptable, for example) and any quote from external sources must be clearly cited.

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