Global Ideologies and World Order

Each of these papers serves as an integrated analysis of ALL the readings assigned during that phase of the course. You produce one paper for each of four thematic subsection of the course, submitting one paper approximately once every two weeks. Each paper should be printed up, single spaced, 12-point font


• Liberalism

• Marxism

• Leninism

• Maoism


The goals of “Global Ideologies and World Order” are:

(1) To analyze the socio-political contexts, philosophical roots, and global impact of modern ideasystems and concepts that have driven global-scale forms of mobilization – either for domination, emancipation, or both;

(2) To trace the distinct commitments and structural origins of these idea-systems; and

(3) To profile some of the global orderings or transnational transformations unleashed by them Who are “the people” and how is “their Will” expressed politically? Do we conceptualize of “the people” as racialized “masses” firmly united and homogeneous as “nations,” rigidly superior to and at war with other race/nations ? Or do we conceptualize of “the people” as a multi-formed, struggling, contending fabric of differences (different individuals, classes, cultures) that express themselves pluralistically? Fascism answers this singularly important question of modernity in one way; liberalism answers it in another way; Marxism in another. Key concepts: Volk and its relationship to nature and “race” “masses” moved by “feeling” versus versus “materialists” moved by “reason” the “Primacy of the Ideal” rallies, festivals, monuments and cultic mysticism– versus– social movements, labor unions, and diverse struggles spoken proclamations in rallies versus written articulate thought

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