Global Law and Ethics

Summary of Required Assignments – 8 page report (not including cover page, table of contents or references—8 FULL PAGES OF WRITING)

Steps 1-5 – 250 word discussion (1 page – STEP 6) FOR STEP 6 DISCUSSION ONLY: “Now that you’ve gathered information and analyzed the legal and ethical consequences of Manning’s actions as outlined in the Global Shippers case file, you’re expected to discuss your conclusions and rationales with the board of confidential advisors convened by Vice President Dodger. Two main requirements will structure this discussion:

First, each board member is to post an initial response fully analyzing the following questions: Were Manning’s actions legal under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and what are the possible penalties for violating the act? Were Manning’s actions legal under the UK Bribery Act and what are the possible penalties for violating the act? Were Manning’s actions ethical, particularly in light of differing cultural norms? When answering these questions, be sure to apply the following guidelines: Provide a full explanation for why all his actions were or were not legal and ethical in your discussion, including a full rationale for each conclusion.”

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