Description DocViewer Page of 2 Zoom Pages EDPROFST 706 Language Analysis for Teachers Summer Semester, 2019 ASSIGNMENT 3 (GRAMMAR) Weighting: 30% Length: not specified The following sentences contain errors that are commonly made by second language learners of English. For each sentence, a. Identify the error and specify what the correct form is. b. Explain the error as you might to a learner with the aim of helping them understand how to use the appropriate linguistic form correctly and so avoid this mistake again (this does not just involve correcting the error). This may involve presenting information in a series of steps accompanied with examples (see example below). In this section you will be marked for the clarity and comprehensiveness of your explanations. c. Give any information you can about why this particular error is common among L2 learners. In this section you will be marked for the grammatical understanding that you demonstrate with respect to the specific linguistic feature. It is expected here that you will use grammatical terms to demonstrate this understanding. Note that you will not necessarily use this terminology in your answer to (b) where your explanations are aimed at the learner. Example: Do you know when is he coming? a. The learner has used the word order of a question – it should be ‘when he is coming’. b. 1.We form a question by putting an auxiliary verb before a subject. When is he coming? 2. However, in an indirect or reported question, the word order is the same as it would be in a statement, so here it should be ‘when he is coming’. c. Learners have made this mistake because they assume that an indirect question has the same word order as a direct question. For many languages there is no difference between the order of words in questions and the order of words in statements (Parrott, 2008, p. 226). 1. He has a coffee on his shirt 2. To make it more funny I will leave this part out 3. My father is dentist 4. Jim wills help you with that 5. The house of my friend is on the corner 6. She made up them 7. I am exciting by that 8. He like ice-cream 9. When she came? 10.Yesterday we have finished this chapter


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