How American Foreign Policy has changed towards Iran over the last 30

You will write an 8-10 page (1500-2000 words, including the abstract but excluding the bibliography) analyzing how American Foreign Policy has changed (or not) over the past 30 years toward the country of IRAN. Why has American foreign policy changed, or why not? Please use highlights from U.S. diplomacy, U.S. aid, military support, etc. toward the chosen country to explain the American Foreign Policy. Is the American Foreign Policy toward IRAN aligned with a major theory constructivism? Notes from Professor about structure and content of paper: I have only one recommendation as you start researching your sources and working on your essay. Please keep in mind that, mathematically speaking, roughly 20 percent of your work should consist of the introduction and background information (which should not go further back than the mid-Eighties), roughly 40 percent of your paper should focus on how American Foreign Policy has changed (or not) over the past 30 years (and not beyond that point in time) towards the country you chose, and explain why (or why not) this has happened, roughly 20 percent should be dedicated to your supporting examples including to highlights from U.S. diplomacy, U.S. aid, and military assistance that support your argument, and the remaining 20 percent should be spent on explaining how the American foreign policy toward your country aligns with one of the major international relation theories and on your conclusion (in the case of Iran, you might want to consider how different approaches have applied at different times in the last thirty years.)

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