How to make a healthy ice cream

Hello, Please follow these instructions to write a “How-to” speech outline about (How to make a healthy ice cream) or if you want to suggest another topic that’s suitable for a “demonstration how-to” speech (and not explanation speech) The speech outline must include: 3 main points. 2 sub-points for each main point. 2 visuals. 2 sources + Plus an Adaptation paper that includes: 1) your informative speech thesis statement, 2) a discussion of the choices you made to adapt your topic to your virtual classroom audience and setting and the rationale for those choices, and 3) the MLA Works Cited list you included with your outline. – Note: The “thesis statement” should be 1 sentence stating who you’re talking to (the classroom), what you’ll be talking about, and why. While the “thesis” in the introduction and conclusion should just summarize the three main points, which can be for example: I: What materials you need for making ….. II: How to make ….. III: What does the final product look like. [for writing the outline, please use the attached outline template] [The whole speech should be only 5-6 minutes long]

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