How will you, as a healthcare administrative supervisor, properly

Your final exam requirement for this course is to complete a 6-8 page essay in proper APA format, citing at least three supervisory concepts from our textbook/course, as well as a minimum of three outside references in support of your response to the Institute for Health Improvement’s Triple Aim Initiative (Institute for Health Improvement, 2013).  The focus of your paper is up to you, however, it is important that you address the following essay question using proper concepts and methods of supervision in our field of healthcare administration in your response.

Essay question:  How will you, as a healthcare administrative supervisor, properly respond to and work to implement the Inistitute of Health Improvement’s Triple Aim concept in the future?  Specifically, what knowledge, tools, and other skills have you taken from this course which will allow you to effectively (address all 3):

a)      improve the experience of care,

b)      improving the health of populations,

c)      and reducing per capita costs of health care?

To assist with this essay topic, refer to the referenced website (and embedded video on that website), cited at the end of this assignment.

Be as clear and concise in our response.  Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are very important, so it will be a good idea to have your final exam paper proofread several times over.  Finally, be sure your references section at the end is also in proper APA format, citing the appropriate number of outside resources, while effectively supporting your main points throughout the paper.

Institute for Health Improvement.  (2013).  IHI Triple Aim Initiative.  Retrieved online from:

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