Human Resource Management: (Week 7) HRMIS Data Analysis and

You are a HRIS consultant working for one of Big Four Accounting firms in their Human Capital Consulting Practice. Your client is a mid-level bio-tech company. Your company is a threshold technology company in the biotech industry. Your current workforce consists of: Executive Management and Senior Management 30 Professional / Technical Personnel 265 Scientists 20 Professional / Administrative Personnel 152 Manufacturing Personnel (non-exempt) 275 Non-manufacturing personnel (non-exempt) 75 Total workforce of : 817 The Project Task You have been retained by the VP of Human Resources of this company to recommend to the company an optimum (the Best Fit) HRIS and Payroll system that would be appropriate for the concerned company. This company is currently using ADP as the outsourced payroll service and a paper based model for all their HR administra¬tive process. The VP of HR would like your expertise to recommend to the company an integrated Payroll and HRIS system that would be appropriate for the company and fit the company’s needs. The company does not want to outsource any Payroll to HR Administrative Processes. Your task in this consulting assignment is to recommend to the VP of HR two to three HRIS/Payroll integrated systems that the VP can include in her final due diligence before she selects the “right” system for the company.

The specifications and features that are her musts are the following:

– Automation of HR Administrative processes.

– A Compensation Administration module.

– A Benefits processing module.

– A Performance Management processing module.

– A Training and Development Administration Module.

– An Applicant Tracking Module.

– Payroll processing with a HR Integration Interface.

– A Time and attendance tracking module.

– An appropriate report generation feature with both custom reporting and standard reporting features.

In summary, she wants to find a single system that fulfills the company’s payroll processing needs and also satisfies the HR department’s needs for automating all regular HR administration processes. Your task as a consultant is to do a thorough web based research study to find and recommend to the VP two off-the-shelf purchasable turn-key hybrid Payroll/ HRIS system suitable to satisfy the wants of this company As a team, you are to do your research and develop a PowerPoint with voice over presentation that can be used to make a formal presentation to the VP of HR. Please note you are making this presentation to your Professor who is the VP of HR for this company. Also, a report should be written as though you were giving it to your client the VP of HR. It should be clear, concise, and well thought through. Writing should be professional and clean. Remember in your project work you have address the cost of purchase which should include the cost of customization to convert the off-the-shelf purchased system into a ready to use turn-key HRIS/Payroll integrated solution for the company. Also, training costs of current employees in the use of the new system should be included. There are hundreds of systems in the market and therefore the VP of HR needs your help to narrow down the options to TWO short-listed HRIS / Payroll vendors that would provide your client the highest value and return on investment. Start your web research by googling the search term HRIS and see where it takes you. You will find other sources in the Course Research page. Use the link to HRIS Vendors found in Webliography and research different HRIS vendors. There is a lot of material on the web on HRIS. Also, you will find material for the Course Project in the following Canvas Class Sections: Course Resources Lesson Week 1 Lesson Week 2 Lesson Week 5 Also, remember, the VP of HR must justify the purchase and implementation of the HRIS system to her boss – the CEO. This justification must be done using the Return on Investment (ROI) logic.


The ROI of HR programs usually explains the financial return for investing in a program, process, or initiative. ROI is usually developed for HR Initiatives by calculating the benefit (return) of an investment and dividing by the cost of the investment. The result being expressed as a percentage or ratio. So, the ROI Calculation can be done by the following formula. ROI = Net Project Benefits divided by Project Costs. So, say the Cost of project is $250,000 and Benefits of project (1st year) $310,000. Then the ROI will be equal to, $310,000-$250,000/$250,000 = 0.24 x 100 = 24%.

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