I have a deep respect for the SAS culture and

 I have a deep respect for the SAS culture and its mission to put employees first before the profit margin; thus, the organization is proven to be a great place to work and remarkably successful. Mr. Goodnight has shown his commitment to providing a solid foundation for a successful company by using the POLC framework to create a forward-thinking organization that provides its employees the opportunity to feel valued and empowered. SAS practices the POLC Framework when setting strategic goals and implementing a course of action for achieving those goals. SAS’s philosophy is that its employees are the core of the company. SAS believes in delivering an exceptional employee experience, which means everything from meaningful work to a great work environment to personal benefits. The work that SAS does every day makes a difference, and they recognize the way their employees live matters too – both on and off the job. SAS’s total rewards philosophy provides for both financial and unique personal benefits. SAS Total Rewards focuses on what they believe is important to their employees:

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