I need very broad answers to the 8 questions below

I need very broad answers to the 8 questions below based off IT experience… At least a paragraph a question. 

1.  Write about how you have Customer Focus: Works collaboratively to provide quality products, services and solutions to internal and external customers, meeting expectations. Gains respect of both internal and external customers.  

2.   Write about how you have Decision Making: Ability to research a topic area or troubleshoot a problem, collect, organize and interpret data; derive logical conclusions from available information and make a logical decision in alignment with the strategy and goals of the department. 

3.  Write about how you have Initiative: Looks for and acts on opportunities. Is proactive and self-motivated. Originates action and follows through with commitments. Actively impacts events and looks for ways to improve a situation. 

4.  Write about how you have Achieving Results: Accomplishes tasks, manages priorities, and is bottom-line oriented. Perseveres in the face of obstacles. Establishes appropriate priorities and completes assignments. Takes ownership of responsibilities and actions. 

5.  Write about how you have Stewardship : Is an ambassador for the company who demonstrates respect, fairness, sound ethical judgment, a commitment to compliance, and loyalty to the integrity of the Company; is supportive of Company-related decisions; exhibits active engagement as a teammate and community member; supports Company and community initiatives. 

6.  Write about how you have Job Specific Skills: Successfully performs all assigned job duties and tasks; uses knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet or exceed all job-related accountabilities. 

7.   Write about how you have Communication: Delivers timely written and oral messages in a clear, concise, and easily understood manner to an appropriate audience. Provides others with the rationale behind decisions, actions, goals, etc. Listens and seeks to understand others’ points of view. Uses tact and diplomacy when communicating and interacting with others. Establishes rapport with others. 

8.  Write about how you have Teamwork: Develops, fosters and maintains mutually beneficial relationships within and across teams and departments, supports team members, breaks down barriers and actively involves others to meet goals. 

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