Identify a problem at work or at a company you

Identify a problem at work or at a company you have worked at then follow the steps on Pg 137 in your text to provide alternative solutions to the problem using table 3.1 Model of a Problem-Solving 

Outline the problem but prior to that give a background description of the company and how it is organized. You are now the CEO and have to solve the problem and make the decision on the course of action. 

1 Define the Problem

1) Differentiate fact from opinion

2) Specify underlying Causes

3) Tap everyone involved for information

4) Sate the problem explicitlly 

5) Identify What standard is violated

6) Determine whose problem it is

7) Avoid stating the problem as a disguised solution

2 Generate alternative Solutions

1) Postpone evaluating alternatives

2) Be sure all involved individuals generate alternatives

3) Sprecify alternatives thare are constistent with goals. (What are the company goals) 

4) Specify both short term and long term alternatives

5) Build on others ideas

6) Specify Alternatives that solve the problem

3. Evaluate and select an alternative

1) Evaluate relative to an optional standard

2) Evaluate relative to goals

3) Evaluate main effects and side effects

4) State the selected alternative explicitly 

4) Implement and followup on the solution

1) Implrement at the proper time and the right sequence

2) Provide opportunities for feedback

3) Engender acceptance of those who are affected.

4) Establish and ongoing monitoring system.

5) Evaluate the results of your problem solution. 

 (Developing Management Skills, 2020 10th Edition Whetten, Cameron)

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