Industry Overview: risk and opportunity

Team Assignment: Industry Overview (3% of course grade) Resources: Evaluating the External Environment: Porter’s five forces: (1) (2) Using Porter’s Five Forces (plus two additional forces: technology trends and government influences) to organize your analysis, each team will summarize the key industry opportunity and threat factors and trends affecting your client (with is fireeye Inc., a result of its position in its industry. Start with a description of your client’s position in the industry: who are its buyers, what are its supplier inputs, who are its competitors. Specify the economic opportunity for your client in this industry (lots of Buyers?). What is the size and projected growth of Buyers in this industry? What threats exist for your client from buyer/supplier trends, potential new entrants, substitutes, level of competition, government regulations, technology trends? Then comment on the strategy implications for your client of both opportunity and threat factors. Recommend strategies for your client to mitigate global risk (threat factors). You will need to incorporate these strategy recommendations into your entry strategy in week 8.


The title page should show all members who contributed to the assignment; include a table of contents with topic headings matched to the paper contents, and a reference list in APA format (See Course Resources module for review of APA citations).

The industry assessment should be approximately 5-7 pages, double spaced, excluding title page, table of contents, and references. (All page estimations are guidelines only). No executive summary is required, but do provide a good conclusion that summarizes the strategic implications of the Opportunities and Threats identified in your industry analysis and the strategies you client will need to consider to response to both threats and opportunities. (You are introduced to a standard MBA tool for industry analysis: Porter’s Five forces. Porter provides a framework for ensuring that you consider all areas of the industry structure in assessing potential threats or opportunities for your client. And you are introduced to two analytical frameworks for assessing areas of potential company Strengths or Weaknesses: Value Chain process and Resource evaluation. When you focus on company processes (Value Chain), you want to understand how its internal processes may make it more efficient or effective than competitors. And when you focus on company assets (Resource View) , you want to understand how its assets may give the company competitive advantage. Types of Resources: In addition to unique characteristics of the company’s product/service, other Assets or Resources that may provide competitive advantage can be human (competencies), financial (e.g., parent company with deep pockets), geographic (e.g., many locations that can offer more cost effective supplier or distribution support), contractual (e.g., supplier agreements or long term sales agreements), political (e.g., government contracts, tax advantages, favorable reputation with foreign governments); proprietary intellectual property (trade marks, patents). You want to understand your client’s resources and processes so you can later determine whether they are better than competitors in these areas.

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