Interview of a professional

Students will, on their own, contact and interview a professional (i.e., community counselor, school counselor, Christian counselor, psychometrist) working in a setting that would be of interest to you. You will produce a written summary of no less than 3-pages, typed, doubled-spaced adhering to APA Format. Your findings are to be presented in a paper. You should make attempts to address, but need not limit yourself, to the following: 1. Describe the agency you have selected. Consider: a. The number and nature of its personnel. What types of mental health professionals are hired? (e.g., degrees and/or license in counseling, psychology, social work). b. What services are available? Are clients typically seen individually and/or in groups? Does the agency offer couples and family counseling? How does the agency secure and screen clients for effective treatment? c. The nature of funding (what are the primary funding sources? Fee structure for clients?) 2. Describe the characteristics and roles of counselors in an organization such as the one you selected. a. What theoretical, ethical, and procedural guidelines and limitations influence the role of counselors in this agency? b. According to job descriptions and verbal reports from staff, what are examples of the primary responsibilities of counselors in the agency (e.g., what would a typical week look like, including how many hours are spent in direct counseling with clients?) c. How are counselors expected to interact with other professionals in the agency? What, if any, tasks are reserved for counselors and which are shared? 3. Describe the population your agency is geared to serve. a. What are some typical characteristics of the clients served? (e.g., basic demographic data such as: socioeconomic level; racial/ethnic background; gender; age; employment status; intellectual, cognitive, and social functioning level, etc.) b. What changes, if any, have staff observed in this group in recent years? c. What types of services are clients seeking (what personal areas are members of this group looking for assistance to address?). d. What should the counselor bear in mind when working with this group? What might counselors do to maximize their changes of success with members of this group (techniques, approaches, etc.)? 4. Describe how your investigation has influenced: (a) your view of the type of agency you selected; and, (b) how you would feel about being employed there including what parts of the job you think you would and would not enjoy. The paper will be evaluated on the following criteria which are presented in order of importance; (1) content adequacy (addressing most if not all areas noted above); (2) clarity of writing; (3) organization – use headings and subheadings to organize the presentation of information; (4) proper use of APA style (e.g., running head, page numbers, an abstract at the beginning of the paper, proper use of headings and subheadings, and use of non-biased language).

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