Introduction to Indigenous Studies: Higher rates of

PART 1: INTRODUCTION AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 20% INTRODUTION: (1-2 paragraphs) Write a preliminary introduction outlining the value and relevancy of the topic you will explore in your paper What is your topic area? Define it clearly. Ensure to frame the topic clearly, using research to define the value and importance of the topic. What are your initial questions? Why is this an important issue to society and to your field of study?

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: Annotated Bibliography: Research Indigenous related sources (i.e., journal articles) and prepare an annotated bibliography of minimum of 8 preliminary sources in proper annotated bibliography (APA format). Resources must be written by an Indigenous author or through an Indigenous perspective. A guide of resources is available on the course website ( there are several web links with relevant and current research you may reference. Find the evidence: Gather a collection of articles and reports that are specifically connected to your topic. Retrieve 8 academic sources that are related to your topic Draw on multiple perspectives when choosing literature Think and discuss how these articles are relevant to your topic. Ensure your articles and resources are reputable & current (within the last ten years, unless there is no new evidence in this area) Write an Annotated Bibliography. Each entry should be approx. 250-300 words. The entry should be reflective, summative and may offer critique. Discuss how this article informs your exploration. Do not just summarize the article.

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