Introduction to sport and fitness – TMA03

TMA 03 Tutor-marked assignment 03 (TMA 03) TMA 03 25 per cent of overall continuous assessment score (OCAS) Associated study topic: Study Topic 4: Contemporary debates in sport and fitness Word limit: 2000 words This assignment has three parts, which are outlined below:

Part 1: Conduct a PROMPT analysis to evaluate the value of an information source (600 words / 25 marks) Part 2: Keeping contemporary debates current (1100 words / 60 marks)

Part 3: Assessing the value of PROMPT (300 words / 15 marks). Part 1: Using a PROMPT checklist (600 words / 25 marks) Using a PROMPT checklist, evaluate the value of information gained from the following source from Unit 14, Activity 14.6: ‘Rugby is dangerous – and we’re not doing enough to protect children who play it.’ Part 2: Keeping contemporary debates current (1100 words / 60 marks) Select one of the information sources listed below from one of the optional study units and analyse and discuss how the content in this information source contributes to the contemporary debate raised in the unit

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