Lexical change, neologisms

Research question: how technology and social media have influenced the creation of neologisms in the English language? ** Line spacing of the document: 1,5 lines. Instructions: 1. The professor DOES NOT want a summary of existing literature, but rather a CRITICAL and EVALUATIVE ANALYSIS of the sources cited. See example of literature review attached. 2. The literature review has to be written/constructed around the research question. 3. Explain background information on the topic and provide a justification for my research 4. It has to highlight the changes in research in the field over time as well as explaining if there is a gap in the present research 5. It needs to have a clear structure and logical argument. Organization: You could use the following method: -Introduce your research question (what it is, why it is worth examining) -Narrow research question to the studies discussed -Briefly outline the organization of the paper. If there is a major controversy, describe it and explain that you will present research supporting one side and then the other. Or, if three methodologies have been used to address a question, briefly describe them and say that you will compare the results obtained by the three methods -Describe studies in detail -Compare and evaluate studies -Discuss the implications of the studies and how you intend to build on them

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