Make a zine

 A zine (an abbreviation of magazine), is a small, grassroots publication created outside (and often in resistance to) mainstream print publication. Traditionally, a limited budget leads to creative means of reproduction (late nights at Kinkos, color added by hand to each individual copy) and binding (hand-sewn, stapled, folded) and hyper-local distribution. In this way, a zine becomes an intimate conversation between a dedicated group of thinkers/creators and a devoted audience. This format will be the formal way that you engage with the ideas of the texts we read in class and you will use this form to personalize this discussion, focusing on issues and themes that are particularly important to you and your audience and that make texts which might seem initially distant from a contemporary reader, meaningful and relevant. Each zine will be generally based upon one of the three related themes/questions spread throughout the semester. This zine will be interpretations of the theme The Body in Public and you will use this theme to make connections between yourself and the texts we have read.


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