Merger Integration at Bank of America: The TrustWeb Project

Produce the following for this assignment: Presentation must contain (at a minimum) the following slides: Powerpoint presentation -Cover page -Agenda/Table of Contents -Summary slide of the case study -References page Slide(s) addressing each question below: -As a Project Manager what are the best ways to know the status of your project? -How do you quell the rumors and lessen the panic? -As a Project Manager when you gather requirements how long do you gather them for? —When do you gather requirements? -When do you know you are done gathering requirements? -Discuss the differences between project and program management.

-How do you define one from the other? -Is the project management methodology being used in this case study strong or weak? —-Explain your response – what makes the methodology strong or weak? -What are Morris’ next steps and how does he prepare for the Monday meeting? Each slide must contain notes explaining the slide. Please remember that powerpoint slides should present no more than 6 bullets per slide. They should never contain paragraphs of information. Paragraphs are placed into the notes. Rubric: The case study will be graded on: -Professionalism in the powerpoint presentation (no black and white slides. Add a professional background). -Adherence to the guidelines and timeline -Content in responses to the above requirements/questions/topics -Spelling and grammar -Use of sources/references and inclusion of citations within the notes

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