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 1. What are (1a) the main idea/thesis of the article and (1b) the conclusions (1b)? — (Before we can evaluate an author’s argument, we must clearly identify the main topic and the conclusion. Before you evaluate an argument, we need to know exactly what the author is trying to persuade us to believe.) 2. What are the reasons for coming to the conclusion of this article/book? — (Once you have identified the main topic and the conclusion, you need to understand why an author has come to a certain conclusion. Reasons answer “why” the author took the time to write this piece.) 3. Which words or phrases are ambiguous (in the sense that you’ve seen then in other majors/minors/classes, but they seem to be used differently) or unfamiliar? List them — and define and/or describe them as you think they are defined/described. (Yes — dictionaries, glossaries, and/or encyclopedias can be helpful) — (Once you have identified the author’s main argument, you need to identify key words or phrases within that reasoning that might have alternative meanings. More importantly, you need to determine whether the author explicitly uses one of those definitions. (Sometimes common words are defined completely differently by different disciplines (i.e., “development”) If the author does not use one particular definition and/or if one of those meanings alters your acceptance of the conclusion, you have indentified an important ambiguity Note: some words that are unfamiliar can, obviously be clarified by looking it up in the dictionary first. Please do that — especially as I bet many of you will write “milleau” or “milleaux” in here. lol) 4. Additional Questions — directly related to readings and/or also linked group work/discussions/films we’ve had so far After answering as best as you can, Q1 through 3, what questions do you have about this reading? Even if you think you understand the reading, there should be some word, argument, phrase, etc that is curious. Please write at least two questions.

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