No plagiarism Deliverable Length: 6–8 slides with 200–250 words of

No plagiarism 

Deliverable Length:   6–8 slides with 200–250 words of speaker notes per slide

This course will use this scenario in your assignments.

At the first meeting of the digital learning e-marketing initiative team (D-LIT), individual members are asked to develop a presentation with notes that graphically conveys the shared marketing fundamentals between the traditional marketing approach and the e-marketing applications. 

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that explains your vision about the way you wish to integrate MedEd and CHC by covering the following areas:

  • Explain your marketing plan for your vision of the future MedEd/CHC, covering the following marketing planning stages: 
    • Mission 
    • Critical Analysis/SWOT 
    • Target Market Sought 
    • Value Proposition(s)/University Brand Image(s) Desired 
    • Marketing Mix Specifics that Support Value Proposition(s)/University Brand Image(s) Desired
  • Explain how your e-business’s online vision constitutes a profitable e-business model. 
  • Explain how your e-business’s online vision contributes to e-commerce as a part of societal network infrastructure for health care informational exchanges. 

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