Obviously, this post will not adhere to our usual three-questions

Obviously, this post will not adhere to our usual three-questions format, but I would still like all of you to produce a well-developed effort of at least 150+ words. Your introductions should:

  • Start with an interesting hook that engages the reader or catches our attention.
  • Introduce George Orwell’s 1984 and provide a brief summary of events (Note: Since we have not yet finished the novel, your summary can just be limited to some general world-building. Who is our protagonist? What does he do? What does the world of Oceania look like?)
  • Briefly discuss Orwell’s intention with the text. As we’ve discussed prior, 1984 is essentially a warning to the future, and you want to convey this to your readers.
  • Finally, for your thesis statements, I want all of you to answer the following question: What are the most significant connections between Orwell’s novel and the modern world?


As always, your discussion board interactions will be composed of two parts. 1) To start, you will post an original response that addresses each of the questions listed below. These original responses must be a minimum of 150 words in length, and you’ll want to use a separate paragraph for each question (for the sake of clarity and consistency). 2) Following the submission of your original responses, you will then respond to at least two of your peers. These peer responses should be a minimum of 75  words each, and you’ll want to address the content of your peers’ original responses and offer your own ideas and insights. Each set of responses will be worth a total of 5 points (2.5 points for original posts, and 2.5 points for peer replies).

Due Dates:

Original responses will be due by 11:59pm. Peer replies must be submitted by tomorrow night.

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