Operational Excellence  Operational Excellence Week 10 Assignment

Operational Excellence 

Operational Excellence

Week 10 Assignment

Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions:

Chapter 10 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 1. 

(Chapter 10 | 240)

1. What are the steps in the SDLC methodology?

2. What is RAD software development?

3. What makes the lean methodology unique?

4. What are the three differences between second-generation and third-generation languages?

5. Why would an organization consider building its own software application if it is cheaper to buy one?

6. What is responsive design?

7. What is the relationship between HTML and CSS in website design?

8. What is the difference between the pilot implementation methodology and the parallel implementation methodology?

9. What is change management?

10. What are the four different implementation methodologies?
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Which software-development methodology would be best if an organization needed to develop a software tool for a small group of users in the marketing department? Why? Which implementation methodology should they use? Why?

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Information Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment:

· Chapter 8 – Review the Siemens AG case study.  Note the importance of understanding the interrelationships amongst all the senior leaders at every location.  Pay special attention to Figure 8.1 and Figure 8.2. Note how the corporate CIO should engage with each of the regional leaders.  Why is this important?

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(Text book)

The above submission should be 3-page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.

**Remember the APA cover page and the references (if required) do not count towards the page length**

Note the first assignment should be in one section and the second section should have the information from the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.  The paper requirements for the two-pages applies to the second part of the assignment directly related to the Information Technology and Organizational Learning assignment.

Textbook (attached)

Title: Information Technology and Organizational Learning

ISBN: 9781351387583

Authors: Arthur M. Langer

Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: 2017-10-17

Edition: 3rd ED.

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