Pandemic flu preparedness (Including your state’s plan),

Write a research paper on one of the topics from below: Ebola outbreak (Africa), Ebola preparedness (US), Pandemic flu preparedness (Including your state’s plan), Midwestern floods (2015), or Hurricane Sandy.

Your research paper must address all of the following four main points Focus points of the research paper: public health planning for the emergency, EMS response for the emergency (identify any legal, political, and regulatory responsibilities for EMS during the response), community response to the emergency, and community recovery from the emergency. Your research paper should include the following components: title page, four points of research in written paper form, including an introduction and conclusion, and reference page. Your research paper must have at least six relevant and credible sources.

All sources used, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted materials must have accompanying citations in accordance with APA standards.

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