(SOLVED) Choose one of the cardiac diseases that we covered in the last two modules.

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Choose one of the cardiac diseases that we covered in the last two modules. Within your presentation include:

  • Provide a detailed overview of the disease process --> coronary artery disease
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Multidimensional care including risk reduction, health promotion, and nursing interventions specific to the disease process

  • Expert solution paper

  • The coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in the adults and older adults. The most of the morbidity and mortality is occured due to the diseases. The coronary artery disease which have the various dimension in the lifestyle disease such as hypertension and the diabetes mellitus etc. There is the plaque formation in the blood vessels and the it will blocks the passage of the blood , so there is myocardial ischemia and it will leads to the myocardial oxygen demand and it will leads to heart fails to pumb the blood leads to sudden death.

    The atherosclerosis is the main cause of the coronary artery disease , and the blood clot disorders are the cause.

    The diagnosis done by the coronary angiography , and echocardiography , blood values and the cardiac markers, ECG. And the priliminery diagnosis is the by the history collection of the past history and the familial history.

    RISK REDUCTION: THE risk reduction includes the use of 30 minutes of excersise daily and it will reduces the body fats and the reduces the fat and oily foods and avoid the unsaturated fat consumption and it prevent the there is any diabetic and the hypertension etc.

    Mutidimensional treatment: it includes the pharmaceutical measurements such as the nitrox medicines, antiplatelet medicine, antanticholestrol medicines are usually orescribes, and use of heart healthy excersise and the use of eatbof the wholesome diet and the stress free mind will help the coronary artery disease Control and health promotion. Early identification of the disease process iis the one in which helps the avoid the complications.

    Nursing intervention.

    * the assessment which includes the cardiac assessment for the auscultation and checking the vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse and saturation etc are the important concern.

    * checking the patient weight. And inform the client about the importance of the cardiac tests annually to detect the earliest signs.

    * the nenext one is the assessment for the early signs such as chest pain, palapitaions etc.

    * promotr the hheart healthy behavior.

    * provide sympatjical support

    Provide assurance, and various treatment options.

    * accept the health condition of the patient and provide an diet plan to the patient.