(SOLVED) Which part of the pancreas is the cancer located?

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1. Which part of the pancreas is the cancer located?

2. As a follow-up to #1, what anatomical and clinical findings correlate with the cancer being located here?

3. In this case, where would you anticipate on finding metastases of neoplastic cells?

4. What are some treatment options for this diagnosis?

5. Discuss the four divisions of the pancreas. Be sure to include significant major surrounding structures (veins, arteries, nerves, other organs, etc).

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1. Cancer is located in the head of pancreas.

2. Anatomical finding - pain in the epigastric region and pain radiating to back indicates problem in head of pancreas.

Clinical findings - yellowish discoloration of eyes and skin.

Jaundice occurs due to obstruction of common bile duct by compression from the tumor.

3. In this case neoplastic cells metastasize to liver and lungs.

So we would anticipate to find neoplastic cells on liver and lungs.

4. Common treatment options :-

Following are some treatment options for adenocarcinoma of pancreas.

1. Chemotherapy :- drugs are administered to kill the cancer cells.

Example - Abraxane (Paclitaxel Albumin-stabilized Nanoparticle Formulation)

Afinitor (Everolimus).

5 FU etc.

2. Radiotherapy :- Radiation therapy can be provided to kill the neoplastic cells.

Teletherapy is used. Beam of radiation is used.

5. Parts of the pancreas -

4 parts.

1. Head - located near the last part of duodenum.

2 neck - It is located near the second part of the duodenum.

3. Body - pancreatic duct flows through the body of pancreas.

4 tail. - Islets of lagerhans cells are present in very concentrated amount in tail of pancreas