PHL 355 Short Essay #1: Cartwright (1983) argues that explanations

Cartwright (1983) argues that explanations where causes work together to produce an effect typically cite laws which fail to state the facts. Summarize her argument for this point, and critique it. Students will write two short essays, from 1000 to 1500 words.

You will choose from a small set of topics drawn from the readings. These essays will be about half expository, explaining an argument or debate, and half critical, presenting the student’s own original view of the topic. Sources outside of the readings are welcome, but not necessary here. These essays will be tightly focused on some specific issue from one of the readings, and it is entirely possible to write an excellent summary and response without needing outside sources. These are not research essays. They are meant to practice critical reading and writing, skills which are necessary for writing a high quality final essay. These essays will be submitted via Quercus, in .docx format only. They must be in APA style (see for more details). They will be evaluated in terms of 1) clear exposition of the relevant debate or argument, 2) the strength and depth of the student’s critical response, and 3) excellence of writing, including spelling, grammar, and overall style.

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