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Based on our in-class discussion of pitching and pitch documents, prepare a pitch for the project of your choice, and create a sales document for same. Do all you can to sell your project in your pitch, and be sure to include a strong synopsis and character information in your pitch document. Feel free to use an unconventional format for the latter. The assignment parameters are as follows: -prepare a 1-2 minute oral pitch – be prepared to answer questions for 1-2 minutes after that -pitch documents should be 1 page in Word or similar -projects can be anything – a feature, a series, a web pilot, etc. -focus on the key story points in your oral pitch – what makes them different/compelling, why an audience would want to watch -keep in mind that your pitch doc is a sales document – do what you can to grab reader interest, convince them this is the project they want (I asked for 3 pages: besides the 1page pitch document, do you mind just help me to come up with the oral pitch part? like some a presentable version of this pitch doc, and please let me know which project you’ve chose before you start. If you have an original project that will be even better! thank you)

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