Please help with assignment  Respond thoughtfully to at least two classmates Nathaniel Huggett

Please help with assignment 

Respond thoughtfully to at least two classmates

Nathaniel Huggett

Reflecting on the beginning of this review process, the most challenging aspect was undoubtedly the article selection phase. The abundance of available literature needed a discerning eye to filter through extensive research, identifying studies that were not only relevant but also supported the highest standards of scientific integrity. This detailed vetting process, while arduous, was something that I enjoyed doing. It ensured that the foundation of the review was robust and credible. It also was a huge foundation for the rest of my research paper.

Throughout this work, the overriding lesson learned was the key value of critical evaluation in research. This exercise has sharpened my analytical capabilities, expanded my understanding of scientific methodologies, and helped my appreciation for the complexities of producing a body of knowledge. This process has been fun, helpful, and enriching to my research skills while strengthening the critical importance of methodological thoroughness of research findings. I could see myself doing this more often!

Laura Sealy

To reflect back unto this journey was a long and arduous ponder. The beginning of my journey was really nerve-wracking and challenging at times. I didn’t even know where to start or even to select a name of a topic to write about it. Searching for the webpage to articulates and get my point across was my next challenge. Navigating the website and finding the applicable articles and deciding which articles to include was an interesting experience. Organizing and synthesizing the information for the article was another challenge to overcome. I was besieged around half way with procuring the paper to see if this is what I really wanted to write about to reflect just on if I want to continue or start again from scratch.

What I’m really proud of and could repeat back on my accomplishment is that although it was very frustrating at times for me, I’ve learned the most critical components to write in a paper. I’ve also learned to that the paper must have a clear research question or topic. The last two classes have truly made me familiarize myself with the academic database and search strategies and enhanced my writing and organization skills. The experience has given me enough to almost be independent and to have confidence in my abilities.

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