Please help with assignment  Sheet1 Rsearchers Subjects Method/Independent Variables Dependent Variables

Please help with assignment 


Rsearchers Subjects Method/Independent Variables Dependent Variables Outcomes/Perceptions Outcomes/Experiences Outcomes/Effects Quality / Measurement used
Khan, S., Shapka, J. D., & Domene, J. F. (2021) Counselors Online therapy experiences Personal Experiences Varied experiences Study themes
Zeren, et al. (2022). Six patients Online therapy experiences Personal Experiences Patient satisfaction Study themes
Last, B. S., Mirhashem, R., & Yang, Y. (2024) 18 therapists Semi-structured interviews Session planning session planning barriers Interviews
Ncheka et al. (2024) 50 students Qualitative interview Perceived Covid impact Perceived impact Interiviews
Posselt, J., Baumann, E., & Dierks, M.-L. (2024). 17 patients Qualitative interview Performance expectancies Perception of performance Interviews
Sander et al. (2021) Mental health professionals Online therapy Added value Improved inpatient care Online therapy
Sockalingam et al. (2024) Surgery patients Telephone-based therapy Mental health distress Positive results in reducing distress Telephone therapy
Tuna, B., & Avci, O. H. (2023). 15 counselors Qualitative interview Counselor experiences Adaptations to online counseling. Interviews
Westerhof et al. (2019) Older adults Online therapy for symptoms Depressive symptoms Postive effects on depressive symptoms Interviews
Xie et al. (2023). Hematologic patients Remote dignity therapy Mental health Positive effects on mental health Randomized controlled trials
Greenwood et al. 2022). 931 Patients Randomized controlled trials Cognitive behavioral therapy Effective treatment of mental health Interviews
Békés et al. (2021) 1257 Therapists Therapists views and challenges Online therapy Therapist percepitons of quality Online counseling
Ierardi et al. (2022) 34 Students Online counseling In-person counseling Online counseling effective in reducing depressive symptoms Online counseling
Schuster et al. (2020). 300 Therapists Online survey Therapist attidue Thereapist attitude towards blended treatment Online survey
Renn et al. (2019) 164 Adult patients Online survey Patient choices Patient made varying choices Online survey

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