Please read each passage below, I need a few sentences

Please read each passage below, I need a few sentences in response to each part. Please label Part 1 passage part 1 and the same with the other one. 

Part 1

Public relations can be viewed as a discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behavior. Ogden & Ogden (2014) state that “Public relations and publicity are essential to an IMC plan. They have the ability, when seamlessly integrated into the IMC plan, to appeal to a number of different audiences. Public relations and publicity have the ability to create high credibility. The usage of PR and publicity helps to generate an endorsement from third-party sources such as the media. In addition, these areas tend to have the ability to communicate with hard-to-reach audiences, or hard-to-find buyers.”

Public relations professionals are tasked with making the company/organization they represent look good. They work at maintaining a positive image within the public and customer’s view. They may work on reputation management, crisis management, lobbying, speech writing, media training, and special events management. Another example from the textbook states that  “another advantage of PR is that it helps to disseminate information. When a company is preparing to launch a new product for example, a press release can help build buzz about the product” (Ogden, Ogden, 2014, 7.1 Public Relations). PR teams aid in building strong relationships with the public and are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive brand image. They assist in media coverage, and where your campaign performed the best. Success of a PR campaign is measured through evaluation and control (Ogden, Ogden, 2014, 7.5). Each campaign manager must be tasked with roles and responsibilities within the organization’s IMC. This will also help determine which strategies and tactics are working best for the campaign. 

Part 2

Public relations need to be part of a business’s continuing marketing strategy throughout its lifetime. Public relations add value to the brand and the company’s message by (1) amplifying the message, (2) changing the tone, (3) improving search results, (4) taking the company to the next level, and (5) building recognition. Good outreach to the press results in increased brand recognition and effective marketing targets within the IMC plan. The aim of public relations is to take marketing to the next level, enhancing the corporate brand and identity and growing the business. Search optimization may also be increased with effective press coverage and public relations efforts. A good PR campaign can change the tone of the message and the image of the company. Tools to measure success include Google Trends to track progress, as does direct contact with journalists, and feedback obtained from other forums. (Frantz, 2018). 

As in all areas of the IMC, measuring effectiveness is key. The measurement should include a SMART analysis, with both short and long-term evaluations, to compare effectiveness with the plan itself. Additionally, there are independent third-party companies that measure PR effectiveness. This would work contemporaneously with other forms of measurement, including interviews, focus groups, media results, and attendance at events. Lastly, the marketer must analyze whether outcomes can be measured in behavioral change (Ogden & Ogden, 2014). 

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